How to Transfer Music From Dell Computer to iPhone

I wanted the new XPS Dell computer next, but I was afraid I might miss out on music. I was not sure whether I could transfer my favorite piece from my Dell computer to my iPhone. Before the purchase, I did thorough research and discovered maybe now I can get it without missing out on those features. This article breaks down the whole procedure of transferring music from a Dell computer to an iPhone.

How to Transfer Music From Dell Computer to iPhone

How to transfer music from Dell computer to iPhone? As an iPhone user, the default method of transferring music from a computer to your iPhone is through iTunes. However, since iTunes did not fulfill its users, they began to look for alternative methods. You can use other third-party tools to transfer music from non-iOS devices.

The modern Dell computer allows you to mirror your iPhone’s screen to your PC. Dell’s mobile connected app with the iOS app will enable you to control your phone from the PC using your PC’s keyboard and mouse. Mirroring allows you to drag and drop media such as photos between the two devices. However, file transfers between Dell and iOS do not support music and documents yet.

iTunes used to be the go-to place for all iOS users sometime back when there was a need to transfer and share music. This was because iTunes was easier and more organized to maintain Apple Inc’s ecosystem. In addition, it was free to them. Some users complain that iTunes wiped out the existing music on the iPhone instead of merging.

A third-party iPhone data transfer program is the other method used to share and transfer music between computers and iPhones. The technique rapidly gained popularity because it demands less time and has easier operating requirements.

Whether or not you decide to use iTunes to transfer music from your Dell computer to your iPhone, below is how to do it.

How to Do a Transfer of Music From Dell Computer to iPhone Without iTunes

Even though iTunes is the most recommended by Apple Inc, it is not the easiest to use. This is especially true for iPhone music that is not purchased or music not from the Apple music store. For this reason, other third-party tools enable the transfer of iPhone music from the computer to the smartphone. The devices support other iOS data, including photos, videos, and messages from computer to iPhone. Examples of such tools include EaseUS MobiMover, AnyTrans, and the iPhone app.

The steps involved include:

1. Download the third-party tool of choice on your computer first.

2. Connect your iPhone to laptop via cable or click on “PC to Phone” transfer mode

3. Browse on “Device Manager” to select the Music files saved on your laptop and click “Open” to confirm that you want to transfer them to your iPhone

4. The music files selected are categorized in audios; click “Transfer” to start the transferring process; if you want to add more items, drag, and drop them on the window before clicking the transfer button.

When the process finishes, you can open the Music app on your iPhone or iPad to check the transferred items.

After transferring successfully, you will find the songs in your Music list, and you can now enjoy them on your iPhone at any time.

You can add, delete, and organize tracks without duplicates, automatically fix music tags, transfer the entire playlist, and allow you to share purchased music with different Apple IDs.

How to transfer music from your dell computer to iPhone through iTunes

If you have purchased Apple songs, the best way to transfer the music from the computer to the iPhone is through iTunes. The process of moving is safe, fast and you do not have to worry about harming the devices. The downside of it is that iTunes wipes out the existing media files on your iPhone. There’s nothing to worry about since you can always send them back to your iPhone afterward.

Here are the detailed steps of how to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone:

1. First, open iTunes, and make sure that you’ve installed the latest version. If not, you can check for updates in the help menu.

2. Connect your iPhone to your laptop, then launch iTunes. All your iTunes music is seen under the library category.

3. Transfer music to the iTunes library, click the “File” option, and select “Add File to Library,” then select the music files you want to transfer and click “Open.”

4. Try to click on your iPhone icon and open the “Music” tab. After that, choose the “Sync Music” option. In this section, you can decide whether to transfer the Entire music library or just some playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Then click the “Apply” button to finish the transfer.

Select the Erase and Sync button when it pops up.

Also, the progress will take some time to finish loading. The time taken depends on the size of the songs and the network speed. do not disconnect your iPhone and your laptop at any point as the progress will pause.

How Does Dell Application Mirroring Technology Work

Application mirroring technology lets you use apps on your smaller Android, Windows, or Apple device to a larger one, such as laptops and computers. You can also mirror photos, music, videos, games, and more, including content from the internet or an app like Netflix or YouTube. It makes it possible to put your phone away and access it through your computer’s screen, mouse, or keyboard.

Dell Computers have an application known as the Mobile Connect app. The company released the app in 2018. It allows you to connect your Dell computer to your android devices and recently iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The app minimizes distractions by enabling you to manage and control your phone conveniently from your Dell computer. This means that users can respond to phone calls, text messages and receive notifications from the phone directly on the computer, just like you would if you were using the app itself. Also, users can interact with other applications and transfer media such as music, photos, and videos wirelessly using the Mobile Connect app. The app features include:

1. The hands-free phone calls feature allows you to use your computer’s microphone and speaker to make and take phone calls.

2. The text messaging feature allows you to receive and send text and multimedia messages from your computer.

3. Contacts feature, which enables you to search through your phone’s contact list. From there, you can make a call or send an SMS directly from the app.

4. Notification’s feature, which allows you to receive your phone notifications on your Dell system.

5. Screen mirroring feature which enables you to view your phone screen and control it with your keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen

6. File Transfer feature, which allows you to drag and drop files between your iPhone and your computer.

However, iOS and dell platforms haven’t quite reached optimum parity because file transfers on iOS are limited. While android supports more functionality like the transfer of music and documents, iOS only supports photos and videos. iCloud Drive or Google Drive comes in handy when you want to transfer other types of files back and forth.

Compatibility Issues on Ios When Using Dell App Mirror

Dell Mobile Connect app has important compatibility specifications. First, you will need to own a Dell laptop from 2018 or later with Windows 10. The new integration with iOS works with XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and G Series PCs only.

Also, your iPhone needs to be running iOS 11 or above. Also, note that the newest features of mirroring and file transfer require iOS 13 and above.

The last system requirement is the Dell Mobile Connect PC app which you can download from the Microsoft Store. Afterward, follow the on-screen prompts to launch and start using the app.

Steps on How to Start the Screen Mirroring in Dell Computers

1. Launch the Dell Mobile Connect iPhone app and tap the mirroring icon.

2. A broadcast screen of your iPhone is displayed to mirror the device. Select Mobile Connect.

3. Click ‘Start Broadcast’ screen mirroring is initiated.

Closing Thoughts

It is easy to transfer music from Dell computers to iPhones. The most popular method is the use of iTunes. It is safe, quick, and harmless to your devices. However, there is a possibility of data loss. That is why other third-party applications come in handy to transfer files. With an iTunes alternative app installed on your computer, you can transfer files from your laptop/computer to your iPhone. You can easily get all iOS media data such as music, photos, messages, videos, and other kinds of data moved. Mobile Connect application for iOS is another method that you can use. It has app mirror features that enable you to access an iCloud drive from your computer and transfer it to your iPhone.

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