Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? Safely?

If you want to save space in your gaming area, you might want to know if it’s safe to stand a PS4 Pro on its side.

Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side 1 1 Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? Safely?

Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? 

The PS4 Pro can stand on its side without any significant effects to gaming performance. An optional stand can be attached to the side of the console to prevent it from tipping over and getting damaged.

The PS4 Pro is a unique and stylish game console that looks great when it’s laid down flat or standing on its side.

I like having the option of positioning it either way so I can have enough space in my gaming area when things get messy. I’ll go over more about positioning your PS4 Pro one way or another.

Is It Better To Place A PS4 Pro In A Horizontal Or Vertical Position?

Deciding whether it’s better to place a PS4 Pro in a horizontal position or on its side is mostly up to personal preferences.

When the space in my gaming setup is exceptionally tight and cluttered, I might place my console in a vertical position since it saves space.

I might place the console horizontally to prevent it from falling off a small desk or shelf.

Why Is It Good To Stand The PS4 Pro On Its Side?

Conserve Space In Your Gaming Setup

The PS4 Pro is a sizable PlayStation console compared to the more compact PS4 Slim.

When I lay it flat in my gaming setup, The PS4 Pro can take up a great deal of space and limit the room I have to place other objects.

To help manage space, I like having the option of placing my PS4 Pro on its side.

Putting a PlayStation 4 Pro in a vertical position makes it take up much less space on a flat surface like a desk, shelf, or floor.

Add Style To Your Room

Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side 1 Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? Safely?

I think the PS4 console looks much cooler when it’s positioned in an upright fashion.

Most of the game consoles I’ve owned in the past were designed to be laid horizontally, so standing a PS4 Pro on its side is a refreshing look.

I have a friend that placed a small plank of wood on his wall and put the PlayStation 4 Pro on the piece of wood. It looks to me like an innovative wall lamp or art piece from the future.

If you are into industrial, high-tech, or futuristic interior design, standing a PS4 Pro on its side anywhere in your home can help to give it the right feel.

Why Is It Good To Stand The PS4 Pro In A Normal Flat Position?

A Horizontal Placement Is More Secure

If you understand basic physics or just have good common sense, you’ll probably understand that a PS4 Pro will be more stable when it is laying down on a flat surface .

Like a domino or book that is placed in an upright position, it is much easier for the console to fall down due to its higher center of gravity.

When you reduce the risk of your PlayStation 4 Pro console toppling over, you reduce the risk of it getting damaged.

Even if you don’t mind a little visual damage to the exterior of the console, such damage could also result in mechanical and other technical problems that can affect your console’s performance.

Console Has Adequate Airflow And May Run At A Lower Temperature

Aside from affecting aesthetics, positioning a PlayStation 4 Pro one way or another might also affect performance.

There may be a slight decrease in temperature when the console is placed down horizontally compared to standing on its side.

A console that runs hotter may not perform as well as a cooler console, so it’s best to limit the heat that emanates from it.

However, the temperature difference between a flat and upright PS4 Pro console is generally so negligible that no noticeable performance effects are observed.

As long as the temperature in your room is not too high, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about excessive console temperatures.

If you live in a particularly hot climate and don’t have cooling resources like an air conditioner or ceiling fan, it might be beneficial to lay your console down to prevent it from overheating.

How Can I Securely Stand My PS4 Pro On Its Side?

Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side 2 Can The PS4 Pro Stand On Its Side? Safely?

Use An Official Vertical Stand

If you plan to stand your PS4 Pro console on its side, you should keep in mind it doesn’t come with a vertical stand or rubber feet on the side.

You would have to buy a separate stand, which can often be found for sale online and at gaming-related stores.

If you are a crafty person, you might be able to build a stand on your own, but you should be very careful since a PlayStation 4 Pro is quite heavy for its size.

To be on the safe side, you might be better off buying a stand than from a company that manufactures stands specifically for a PS4 Pro.

This will help ensure the stand fits properly, has optimal airflow, and can adequately keep the console stable.

Though you might be able to stand the console itself on its side, it may not be stable and could be at risk of falling.

Any space savings you might gain from placing your PS4 Pro vertically may not be worth it if your console is slightly wobbly and gets damaged from tipping over.

Place Secure Objects Around The Console

Whether you have a stand or not, placing padding or other soft objects near the PS4 Pro might help to protect it so it won’t fall down.

When placing objects near your console, you should be careful to not cover up the console too much and restrict its air circulation.

Restricting air circulation might cause the console to heat up, so you should do whatever you can to keep the console cool.

Key Takeaways

  • Standing a PS4 Pro on its side can be a stylish and effective way to save space.
  • It is generally safe to stand the console on its side if it is sufficiently secured.
  • You can use an optional stand to stably position a PS4 Pro in a vertical manner.

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