What Pens Work with Apple iPad?

Apple has created a diverse platform for people to use iPad using different stylus pens. The Apple pencil can help you do every activity that a finger can do, from drawing icons, writing on the screen, and drawing diagrams on your iPad. Today you can use the iPad using different stylus pens, and below, we highlight some of the uses of these pens that are compatible with the Apple iPad.

Apple Pencil 2

The Apple pencil 2 has been modified to be better than the Apple pencil one because it has a feature that allows you to double-tap on it before using it on the iPad screen. You can start using the iPad with the double-tap feature on the pencil, which takes you back from where you had left your work.

For example, if you were sketching, you can double-tap back with an Apple pencil, redirecting you back to where you were. You can charge the Apple pencil 2 using the magnetic feature fitted on the pen regarding the charging system. This is different from the first-generation Apple pencil.

The feature makes it easier to connect the pencil to the iPad. The unique part about Apple pencil 2 is that you can charge it from the iPad to the magnetic side, which is on top of the iPad.

This makes it easier for you to charge the pencil on the go. If you want to buy the second generation of the Apple pencil, you can get the iPad Air 5, the latest model of the second generation Apple pencil released in 2022.

I personally own and use the Apple Pencil 2 with my iPad Pro and have been very happy with it. I use it frequently to write notes in meetings and sketch out basic graphic ideas that I can then quickly attach to a text or email and send to a coworker.

This being said, there are lots of other choices for pens (pencils) that work with the iPad. Here are some other options you might want to consider if the Apple Pencil 2 doesn’t work for your situation.

Zaggs Pro Stylus

The Zaggs Pro stylus is efficient with the iPad because of its inimitable features. One of the primary features includes palm rejection.

Palm rejection allows the iPad to remain in the same position when placed on it. This means that when you place the Zaggs pro stylus on top of the iPad, you will be able to find it the way it was without any inscription on it.

The unique feature allows you to use the pencil on top of the iPad without seeing any distortion in the work that you are doing today.

Another unique feature of this pro stylus pen is tilt awareness. For this piece, you can write on the iPad on either side of the pencil apart from its top. You can tilt the pencil to draw or sketch whatever you want on the iPad screen without being rejected if you’re writing with a stylus.

Additionally, this shows that you can draft anything with it even if you are not writing with the stylus point on top of it directly. Aside from the two features mentioned above, the stylus pen glides through the app flawlessly, recognizing each detail you place on the iPad screen.

The Zaggs Pro Stylus is unique because it can the used on other tablets apart from their iPad. This means you can use it on any other tablet apart from the iPad. The affordability of the pencil makes it easier for people who cannot afford the Apple pencil 2.

Adonit Mark

The Adonit Mark is a cheaper version of the Apple 2 and Zaggs Pro Stylus model. The pencil is fixed with an adonized triangular aluminum on it, making it easy to not take and sketch on the iPad.

Adonit Mark is perfect for writing notes since it fits the hand properly, and it glides over the iPad effortlessly, allowing you to have correct details of the letters you are making.

The smudge-free tip enables the pencil to move smoothly on top of the iPad. Due to its affordability, you can be able to use it for navigation through your iPad any time you use it

Apple Pencil 1

This is the first generation of iPad pencils used before introducing the second generation. Apple Pencil 1 can be classified as a classic pencil because of its stylish design, which makes it more sophisticated. The pencil one round is fixed with an eraser on top of it.

The pencil eraser works like a top of the lightning connector that covers the pencil’s charging point. Unlike the Apple pencil generation 2, it has to be connected to an adaptor to be charged. The upside to this mode of charging is that it can charge within a short time for about 15 minutes before you can get back to using it.

Apple pencil 1 has a smooth finish, and the top of it is a pointed tip that is fixed efficiently to assist in the pressure and tilt when writing on top of the iPad.

Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3

The Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 is the best stylus for sketching on the iPad. This stylus pencil is very affordable compared to the other pencils mentioned above. Its compatibility with the iPad is top-notch due to the triangular shape for users to hold it firmly whenever they want to sketch.

The Palm rejection feature allows the artists to draw efficiently using the iPad. The unique part about the stylus pen is its ability to connect to Bluetooth.

The Wacom Bamboo Fineline turn 3 has a longer battery life of 18 hours. The stylus pen can charge when connected directly to the USB before it is turned off for any user using it before it goes off.

Adonit Pixel

If you’re an ardent lover of drawing and sketching, Adonit pixel is the preferred option for you. The stylus pen is compatible with most apps, especially creativity applications found on the iPad. Application such as photo sketch is easily managed easy navigation of the stylus.

A unique feature of the stylus pencil is its sensitivity to touch. When handling the pencil one needs to be very careful to avoid any destruction. The upside to the fund is that it is very affordable, and any individual can be able to purchase it on a budget.


Owning an iPad pencil is very reliable, especially for iPad users. The uses associated with the pencil make it more efficient when writing, taking notes, drawing, or navigating through the applications easy.

The upsides to the pens are their battery life, connectivity, and efficacy when handling tasks. If you are uncertain about buying an iPad pencil, you can follow this guide to find the proper one to use and they are very affordable and easy to use.

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