What To Do If Your Apple Watch Face Comes Off

Startled to see your Apple Watch face suddenly detach? You’re not alone. Dive into why this happens and the steps you can take if your Apple Watch face has popped off.

What To Do If Your Apple Watch Face Comes Off

What To Do If Your Apple Watch Face Comes Off

Depending on what happened to the Apple Watch to make the face pop off, there are a number of steps to take for repair. DIY repair is usually an option, especially if the face is cracked or broken. However, one common issue is when the face becomes de-bonded from the case. This often requires professional repair. 

Continue reading to learn about all the different ways to go about having your Apple Watch face reattached. 

What to do if Apple Watch Face comes off

You first need to diagnose the issue and determine if it can be fixed by yourself or if it needs a professional repair. 

Replacing the screen on an Apple Watch is much more difficult than repairing the screen on a phone. 

This means if you aren’t experienced in screen repair, it is probably best to have a professional handle the problem. 

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Diagnosing the Issue

Moisture, bending, and crimping can all result in the Apple Watch face dislodging from the rest of the device.

Drops can also result in cracking or completely breaking the device. 

If you have dropped the device and the screen popped out, then you know exactly what the issue is. 

The signs of moisture getting into your Apple Watch are usually quite apparent. 

Have you noticed fogginess under the screen prior to the face coming off? If so, water damage is likely the issue. 

This means internal components could likely be damaged from the water. 

Other signs of water damage are visible corrosion, discoloration, and strange growth around the mag charger area. 

The shell of the device could also be bent or crimped, causing the face to pop out of its enclosure.

You will notice physical wear-and-tear on the device if damage caused the screen to pop off. 

One of the most common reasons for the face to pop out is due to battery damage. 

A damaged battery can swell up, forcing the face to come out. This is going to require the battery to be replaced by a professional. 

Home Repair

Someone experienced with replacing screens on smart devices might want to repair the device themselves. 

The Apple Watch is one of the hardest smart devices to repair yourself and it requires specialized tools to get the job done. 

Luckily, there are kits on the market to help you get the job done. 

iFixIt is just one of the reputable companies that sell kits for Apple Watch face repair. 

There are only a few situations where home repair is the right option. 

Firstly, you must be confident in your ability to repair smart device screens yourself. 

The requires either experience repairing screens or the patients to learn how. 

Special care must be taken to prevent further damage by shorting out internal components. 

The only way to do this is by removing the battery completely.

The repair job also requires heating up the watch to take it a part, precise tools to remove the screen, and a steady hand for accurate movements.

It requires just as much precision to install the new screen as it does to remove the old one.

It even involves using super glue to bond the screen back in place – something that you only get one shot at getting correct or else your screen will be permanently lop-sided. 

Numerous guides online go into detail on how to take apart and put back together an Apple Watch. 

Professional Repair

Some third-party repair technicians are effectively trained to handle a screen replacement. 

Apple also has its own repair technicians that can repair the device as well as new. 

There are multiple reasons to take this route; sometimes, your only option is to repair it professionally. 

Many times, as is also the case with phones, the battery will malfunction, swell, and force the screen to come loose from the device. Because you will also need battery replacement, it is a good idea to look into having it professionally repaired.

Whether you use Apple or a third-party repair company, you will have peace of mind knowing that your device is in good hands.

Plus, if something goes wrong during repair, you won’t be liable for the cost of the entire device.

It will be up to Apple or the third-party repair shop to replace a further damaged device during repair. 

What To Do If Your Apple Watch Face Comes Off


Some issues may be covered under warranty. Apple guarantees the quality of all their devices up to a point.

Any screen that has been dislodged from its case due to battery failure is covered by Apple’s warranty as long as they determine that the battery damage wasn’t caused by the user. 

In this instance, getting your device repaired is simple and free. Just file a ticket with Apple, send the device in, and they will repair it at no cost.

Always check with Apple to see if you are covered under warranty before repairing yourself or paying a third party to fix it. 

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Consider a New Watch

If Apple determines that your watch isn’t covered by warranty, your best and cheapest option might be to get an entirely new watch.

As previously mentioned, Apple Watch repair is extremely precision-based. Repairing a missing face without damaging other components takes great concentration and care. This means professionals charge hefty amounts to do the job. 

Sometimes, your best option is to purchase a new Apple Watch, especially if you have an older model. It may be time to upgrade devices anyway. 

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