Will My Alarm Go Off With AirPods In?

Let’s face it, most of us lead hectic, chaotic, hustle-and-bustle lives. 

And we need alarms and reminders for, well, pretty much everything. 

I know I have to set mine just to remember to take out the trash once a week.

Luckily, we can simplify our lives by setting reminders and alarms on our phones. But there are some lingering questions about alarms and Airpods that have been weighing on the minds of Apple users as of late.

One of those burgeoning questions is” Will my alarm go off if I have my Airpods in my ears?” 

I mean, who wants to hear that loud clanging of the alarm feature reverberating throughout their sensitive ear canals

I know I don’t, but that seems to happen to some but not all Airpods users who leave their alarms on while their buds are popped into their ears.

Let’s take a closer look at why this is the case and what you can do about it.

Will My Alarm Go Off With AirPods In?

If you’re running on iOS 12 or later, then yes, your alarm will go off with your Airpods in. But if you’re using iOS 11 or earlier, then it might not. However, your alarm is set to sound on your iPhone, which will be sent through whichever audio function is being used at the time.

So, will your alarm go off strictly on your iPhone, or could it happen on any device your Airpods are connected to that have the alarm set on them? 

What about if you’re on a call? And what if you’re asleep with your Airpods in?

Read on and see how alarmed (mind the pun) you are by the answers.

Will the alarm go off only on my iPhone?

Long answer short: Yes. Here’s the explanation: It doesn’t matter if the phone is connected to a wired or wireless headset – the alarm will go off on the iPhone before getting transferred to the Airpods.

Can my alarm go off only via my AirPods?

You might not wish to wake up your significant other, kids, or roommate with a noisy alarm. 

The alarm does not solely play through your Airpods though, as it starts on your phone and gets transferred into the headset.

You do have one option for getting the alarm to only go through your headset – a third-party app called Earphone Alarm

This app will mute the phone speakers when your alarm sounds so it only comes through your Airpods.

Will My Alarm Go Off With AirPods In 1 Will My Alarm Go Off With AirPods In?

Will my alarm go off if I’m on a phone/video call?

Unfortunately, yes, your alarm will go off even if you’re in the middle of a video or phone call. 

Your phone will vibrate first, then your alarm will sound inside of the Airpods.

Will my iPhone’s bedtime alarm go off when my Airpods are connected?

Okay, let’s first discuss what a bedtime alarm is. 

This is a function that can help you regulate your sleep schedule. 

It reminds you of when you need to go to bed, which apps to focus on prior to going to sleep, and when you need to wake up.

Set it up by going to the Health app > Browse and hitting the Sleep option. 

Set your sleep goals and how many days you want to have the alarm go off. 

Pick your alarm tone and volume, and voila! You’re all done.

Will my alarm go off if I sleep with my Airpods in?

Apple designed Airpods to be worn while you’re awake or asleep, and they’re quite comfortable for resting. 

However, their batteries drain quickly, so they might not last the entire night. It’ll likely last 5 hours on a charge. 

You might want to put them in once you get up for a mid-sleep potty break and ensure the alarm is set.

Will any alarms go off if I alter my AirPods settings?

Here’s the catch with Airpods – when you go to configure them, you can switch between the noise cancellation and transparency modes. 

You can even customize a bunch of settings, such as what happens when you press and hold the left Airpod. 

There’s even an ear detection feature that recognizes when an Airpod is placed in your ear. 

You can pause playback when you remove your Airpods and resume it by putting them back in.

For the most part, the system sets the default for which of the Airpods’ microphones to use (as there is one in each bud). 

You can manually switch either of those off though. 

The one thing you cannot do is stop the alarm from ringing through your Airpods if they are paired with your device.

You will need to either unpair them or disable the alarm.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what, if your Airpods are paired with your iPhone and there is an alarm set to go off, it will go off unless you disable it or unpair the Airpods first. 

Given that the Airpods’ battery life won’t even last a full eight hours, your Airpods will probably run out of juice before you can even make it to your morning alarm.

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