Can You Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips?

As an Apple customer, I looked into purchasing the AirPods Pro. However, I have had problems with wireless earbuds staying in my ear. 

This led me to research those extra tips that are included with AirPod Pros and if you can wear them without the tips.

Can you wear AirPods Pro without tips?

You can wear AirPods Pro without tips, but the tips that help with noise cancellation, so taking them off will reduce their noise cancellation capabilities. Also, the bass may not be as strong without the tips of your AirPods Pro, so it’s recommended that you use the tips unless you absolutely must remove them.

As I previously mentioned, you can wear the AirPods Pro without the tips, but you will lose out on some sound quality.

Read on for more information about AirPod Pro tips.

Why Do I Need To Use The Tips In My AirPod Pros?

Noise Cancellation

The tips help with noise cancellation because the tips are meant to help better fit your ears. 

The tips are intended to fill up more of your ear canal, which will provide a tighter fit to your ear. 

The less space there is in your ear the less space there is for the earbud to move around and fall out.

Removing the tips will allow for more space in your ear, which can allow for surrounding noises to be more prevalent.

Lack of Bass

The lack of bass without the tips can be due to the lack of noise cancellation. 

The lack of surrounding noises can boost the sound quality, which boosts the bass. 

You may not notice a significant loss of sound quality, but the tips can provide that extra boost.

Overall Fit

As I mentioned previously, I struggle to find earbuds that properly fit in my ear. However, I did notice that the AirPods Pro fit better in my ear with the tip than without. 

The tip makes the earbuds feel more secure in my ear and reduce their overall movement while I am exercising.

Also, the AirPods Pro come with multiple tips. If you find that one tip style does not fit in your ear, then you can try out the other tip styles that are offered by Apple.

Is it safe to wear AirPods Pro without tips?

Yes, it is safe to wear AirPods Pro without the silicon tips.

It is completely safe to wear them without the tips, but there may be some problems that arise without them. 

Wearing them without the tips may make them uncomfortable to wear, which could cause some discomfort in your ears. 

Also, the tips help regulate the sound that is coming from the earbuds.

Listening to music loudly without the tips could cause damage to your hearing, but that could also result from listening to music too loud with the tips.

Can You Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips 1 Can You Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips?

Can you wear AirPods Pro in the shower without tips?

Yes, you can wear AirPods Pro in the shower without tips, but you should be careful while doing so.

The tips of the AirPods Pro can help prevent water from seeping into the inside of the earbuds.

So, taking them out and wearing them in the shower could be risky.

The AirPods Pro are water-resistant, but constant exposure to water over time could lead to damage. 

I would not recommend frequently wearing your AirPods Pro in the shower, especially if you are going to wear them without the tips.

Are AirPods Pro without tips better for smaller ears?

The AirPods Pro without tips are not necessarily better for smaller ears.

If you have smaller ears, then you may want to resort to taking the tips off your AirPods Pro. 

However, taking the tips off the AirPods Pro could make it harder for the earbuds to stay in your ear.

If you have small ears and find that the tips you have prevent the earbuds from fitting in your ears, then I would suggest looking for a different style tip. 

Apple offers multiple styles of tips for the AirPods Pro, so it would be worth your while to look into different tips.

Do AirPods Pro stay in your ears while running without tips?

There is not a definitive yes or no as to whether the AirPods Pro stay in your ears without tips.

This will vary for each person that wears the headphones. It ultimately depends on the shape of your ear and how the earbuds fit into your ear.

I found that the tips helped the earbuds stay in my ear when running, and when I took them off the earbuds fell out of my ears much more often.

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