Can You Wear Beats Flex In the Shower? [Answered!]

Before you went out and bought your Beats Flex, you probably saw advertisements or heard talk about how you can take certain other earphones out for a jog in the rain or even in the shower. 

But are the Beats Flex waterproof? Or sweatproof, for that matter?

There are a lot of things that you can do with your Beats Flex, and goodness knows that they are durable little things that can take a beating. 

But you still need to take good care of them.

After all, they aren’t cheap and still cost money to repair or replace under AppleCare+ warranty coverage.

Can You Wear Beats Flex In the Shower? [Answered!]

The Beats Flex are not rated for water or sweat resistance. That makes it a bad idea to take them in the shower. If you do get them wet, this could ruin their interior components and render them unusable. 

Wearing your Beats Flex in the shower isn’t a good idea by any stretch of the imagination. 

They are not rated for resisting water or sweat, unlike the Powerbeats Pro or Beats X. 

And even those earbuds are susceptible to some water damage if you are not careful.

The Beats Flex are a solid, durable, and versatile set of earphones, but they are still vulnerable to some damage. 

The trick is to be careful what you expose them to and keep them dry after even a minor amount of sweat or water exposure. 

Let’s talk more about what happens if Beats get wet and what the difference is between being water-resistant and waterproof.

Water-resistance Ratings

Can You Wear Beats Flex In the Shower Answered 1 Can You Wear Beats Flex In the Shower? [Answered!]

Are the Beats Flex waterproof? Nope. Not even remotely.

Unlike the Powerbeats Pro and Beats X, the Beats Flex are not rated for water- or sweat-resistance. 

Can they endure a minor amount of exposure? Probably, but do you really want to take your chances? Doubtful.

IP and WR ratings can tell you if an electronic device is able to withstand any type of moisture exposure. 

IP stands for “ingress protection”, which essentially means that they have some internal protection from moisture. 

There are two numbers that can follow “IP” – the first (ranging from 0 to 6) represents the degree of protection provided against solid object entry (such as sand or dust), and the second represents the degree of protection the object has against the entry of moisture or liquid. 

This number will be somewhere between 0 and 8.

If you’re wearing a watch (like the Apple Watch), you will see a water resistant (WR) rating assigned to it.

These watches can be worn in the water, and the Apple Watch 2 Series and after are rated for submersion in up to 50 feet of water (WR50).

Can I shower with Beats Flex?

Please, please don’t shower with your Beats Flex on.

Even a few drops of that water could ruin them. 

Beats Flex do not have the proper protective coverings to secure their inner electrical components. 

Even a little moisture exposure in a steamy bathroom could potentially cause damage.

Can I wear Beats headphones in the shower?

You can wear other Beats headphones in the shower.

Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, and Beats Fit Pro are all rated for some sweat- and water-resistance. 

You just can’t swim with them in, expose them to pressurized water, wear them in a sauna or steam room, purposefully submerge them in water, use them in highly humid conditions, drop them too hard, or disassemble them. 

All of those things risk serious damage.

What makes Beats Flex worth buying?

Beats Flex are less expensive than some of the other earbuds that Apple puts out there. 

Apple’s W1 chip gives the Beats Flex seamless iOS integration with compatible devices. 

And the sound is strong and bass-forward in terms of performance. 

They fit easily inside of the ear canal and are pretty comfortable for use while you are on the go.

Should I get another earphone set for use in the shower?

If you insist on wearing earbuds in the shower, then you might want to think about saving up and investing in something like the Powerbeats Pro. 

Even then, you need to be careful to not expose any earbuds to chemical-concentrated soaps and shampoos. 

They can still cause damage given enough exposure.

What should I do if my Beats Flex get wet?

If your Beats Flex get a little bit of sweat or water on them, try wiping them down with a ling-free microfiber cloth and allowing them time to dry before using them again.

Granted, if they get more than just a little splash of water, you might have to break out a bag of uncooked rice and give your Beats Flex the good ol’ rice treatment. 

Place some rice in a bowl, then submerge your Beats in the rice for 48 hours.

The rice should ideally draw the moisture out.

However, if that trick doesn’t work, you’re going to have to replace your headphones.

Closing Thoughts

Beats Flex are versatile enough without the price tag of the likes of the Powerbeats Pro. 

Still, if you plan on using your earphones in the shower, you won’t be able to do so with the Beats Flex. 

You will need to get something with an IP rating, indicating that it is sweat- and water-resistant. 

The Beats Flex are neither, but they’re still a remarkably good set of earbuds for casual daily use.

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