2 Ways To Get Neon On The PS5

Neon provides a good way to watch your favorite shows online using TVs or gaming consoles. So, can you get Neon on PS5?

neon ps5 1 2 Ways To Get Neon On The PS5

Can you get Neon on a PS5?

Neon is only available on PS4 gaming consoles since it was created during the PS4 gaming era. However, since PS5 gaming consoles have been designed to have backward compatibility with its previous PlayStation version, it is possible to download the Neon app from the gaming console’s app store.

Neon is one of the popular streaming sites in New Zealand that offers individuals a selection of TV episodes and movies they can watch.

Sky developed this streaming site in 2015 to ensure people could watch their favorite programs and movies. 

When Neon was first developed, individuals would enjoy a 30-day free trial to assess whether it suited them. After the period, sky started offering a premium subscription of NZ$ 20 per month for regular subscribers.

Later on, in June 2019, Neon experienced technical issues that made its users get restricted access regarding the use of the app. 

Fortunately, the company decided to partner with lightbox, and 7th June 2020, Neon replaced lightbox. 

One advantage of using Neon is that it is compatible with most devices such as iPad, iPhones, PlayStation, and PC. Additionally, if you have had a spark account for a long period, you get a discount of NZ$9.95.

Can you get Neon on PS5?

Regarding the accessibility of the Neon app in the PlayStation gaming consoles, the app is available on PS4 gaming console but not on PS5. This was a very big barrier for the gamers and other subscribers. 

Fortunately, PS5 was designed to allow backward compatibility with its previous PlayStation versions making it possible to download or use other alternative ways to get the Neon app on PS5 gaming console.

The following are some alternative ways you can use if your PS5 gaming store lacks the Neon app:

neon ps5 1 1 2 Ways To Get Neon On The PS5

Use of a Flash Drive

If the Neon app is unavailable in your PlayStation app store, an ideal way is to use a flash drive or any other external drive to transfer the Neon app to your gaming console. 

The process involves inserting your flash drive into the computer and going to your browser. Then, go to the windows play store and search for the Neon app. 

Download and copy the app to your flash drive.

Ensure that the flash drive you are using is compatible with PlayStation devices. When the transfer process is complete, take the flash drive and put it on the PS5 gaming port. 

Transfer the Neon app and sign up for an account. Choose a basic or premium subscription depending on your budget, and you can use the Neon app.

The use of WiFi or Ethernet

neon ps5 2 2 Ways To Get Neon On The PS5

The use of wifi or ethernet method is only possible if you have or can access both PS4 and PS5. You will need to connect both gaming consoles to the same network to transfer the Neon app. 

The process involves opening the settings menu using your PS4 controllers and selecting system software to choose the kind of app you want to transfer to PS5. 

Press data transfer to launch the procedure, and in the transfer list, you can choose the Neon app to transfer it to the PS5 gaming console. 

Once the app is on PS5, you can use your previous account or sign up for a new account depending on whether PS5 settings.

Is it worth using Neon App on PS5?

Neon offers subscriptions that cost about $13.95 every month, which is affordable compared to other streaming apps. 

Neon will offer you a 14-day trial to new users so that you can assess whether its features are suitable for you. With this subscription, you can access many films, movies, and TV shows and choose the ones you like to watch according to your preferences. 

If your kid is using your gaming console to watch films, Neon will offer you protection settings to ensure that you set up parental control or open a kid’s account so that the kid can only view the kid’s content on the Neon app.

Can you Access the Neon app Outside of New Zealand?

neon ps5 3 2 Ways To Get Neon On The PS5

The only drawback of using the Neon app is that it has been geo-restricted in New Zealand due to licensing agreements with its developers.

Therefore, you will only be able to stream from other regions in New Zealand. Luckily, there is an ideal method you can use to ensure that New Zealand does not detect your IP address.

Neon may be readily unlocked by VPN services such as ExpressVPN, which ensures that your IP address is blocked to avoid detection.

Therefore you will require to link your gaming console with a VPN to block any IP address detection. The process of linking your VPN involves the following:

  • Downloading and installing the ExpressVPN on your device and signing up for its services
  • on the Neon app, install your von customer application, and then launch the app to join the new Zealand server
  • Go to the Neon’s app main page and select the “sign up” option, which is located on the top right part of the menu.
  • Select a suitable subscription plan and if you want to rent movies, click on the “rent movies now” option
  • Enter your information and then choose a good password
  • Accept Neon’s terms of use and privacy conditions after you have read and understood them
  • Add your payment information and continue with the payment subscription
  • You now have an active Neon account in your PS5 that is VPN secured

Key Takeaways

  • PS5 has a backward compatibility mechanism
  • Neon is only available in the PS4 gaming models
  • There are alternative ways to get Neon on your PS5 gaming console
  • Neon was founded and developed in New Zealand
  • New Zealand has geo-restriction regarding the use of Neon

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