Is The Alexa Echo Wireless?

The Amazon assistant Alexa can be an extremely helpful addition to your home.

But will adding this new piece of technology require a lot of cords and wires to connect?

Is The Alexa Echo Wireless?

Amazon’s Alexa Echo wirelessly connects to the user’s phone through BlueTooth and the Alexa app. The Echo also connects to the internet network wirelessly. However, the Alexa Echo uses a power cord and adapter to operate. Users can purchase a battery base instead of a power cord and adapter.

Technology adds plenty of convenience to our lives, but all the associated cords can be quite frustrating. 

Learn more about wires associated with the Alexa Echo below!

The Amazon Alexa Echo: What Is It?

The Amazon Alexa Echo was first released in 2014; however, the general public was only available to purchase the device in 2015.

Since then Amazon has released 4 generations of the Echo. 

They even introduced a sub-line of Echo Dots. The 4th generation Echo Dot is the only Alexa Echo with a built-in clock face.

While most Alexa Echos look like a plain old speaker, some devices feature limited edition prints. 

These prints include an animated tiger (geared towards children), a Billie Eilish cover, and several others.

But what does the Amazon Alexa do?

The Alexa Echo is a virtual assistant. The amount of ways in which she can help you throughout your day is incredible.

Need an update on the weather? Ask Alexa. 

Want to add an item to your Amazon shopping cart? Tell Alexa to do it. The Alexa Echo can also help you learn new facts and listen to music. 

But wait, that’s not all she can do.

You can set routines on your Alexa Echo. 

These routines tell the device to complete a specific pattern of actions at a certain time each day. 

This could be a morning wake-up routine, an evening wind-down routine, or a weekend celebration routine. 

With the Alexa Echo, you can enjoy the benefits of a personal assistant without the hassle of paying for one.

Cords and Wires

But let’s be honest, the best part of the Amazon Alexa Echo is that it connects to your phone via BlueTooth.

That’s right, no extra wires and cords getting tangled up in your junk drawer. 

In fact, the Alexa Echo comes with one cord, its power cord. 

So, all you have to do is plug it into your wall once and you’re good to go!

If you want even fewer cords around the house, or want to make your Echo portable, there is a solution. You can purchase a battery base. 

With a battery base, the Alexa Echo is truly wireless.

Alexa Echo Battery Base

Several brands sell battery bases for Alexa Echos. 

While each brand varies slightly in specifications, each essentially acts as a power pack.

Using the power pack allows you to move your Alexa Echo around. 

You can even take the Alexa outside to play music!

Watch the video below to learn more about the Mission Battery Base and how to use it.

So long as the Alexa can connect to the internet, you can take her anywhere you go.

Most battery bases are only compatible with the newer, smaller Alexa Echo Dot. 

In most cases, the 4th generation Echo Dot is the only compatible model.

The GGMM Alexa Battery Base, only compatible with the 4th generation Echo Dot, provides users with 6 hours of unplugged listening time.

This battery base takes 3 hours to reach full charge. 

But wait, won’t this just add another wire for you to store? Actually no, the GGMM Alexa Battery Base does not include a power adapter for the base.

Instead, this device uses the power cord included with your Alexa Echo. 

How convenient is that!

While the Amazon Alexa Echo might not initially be a wireless speaker, you can easily make it one with the addition of a portable battery pack.

How to Connect Your Phone to an Alexa Echo

Connecting your phone to the Amazon Alexa Echo can be confusing at times. 

To help you avoid any confusion, we’ve outlined the steps to connect your phone to your Alexa Echo below.

Start by plugging in your Alexa Echo.

It will take a few minutes for the Echo to register. 

When the light ring turns orange, your Alexa Echo will prompt you to open the Alexa app. 

If you don’t already have the Alexa app downloaded on your phone, do so now. 

Before opening the app, ensure that your phone’s BlueTooth is on.

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When you open the app, log into the Amazon account you want your Alexa Echo to be paired to. The app may prompt you to connect to the Alexa Echo. Simply follow the prompts in the app to connect your new device.

If the app does not prompt you to add a new device, there are two routes you can go to add the Alexa Echo to your account.

Select the “More” tab, and then tap “Add a Device.” Choose “Amazon Echo” from the device list. Next, you need to find your specific Echo device from the list. Follow the prompts in the app.

The second method is to select the “Devices” tab. In the top right corner of the page there is a “+” symbol, click it. A small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Add Device” from the list. Once again, select “Amazon Echo” from the list and specify your device model on the next page. Follow the prompts to finish connecting your device to your phone.

Once the Alexa is connected, you can control the device from the app.

If you don’t want to control the Alexa with your phone, you only want to stream your phone’s sound over the device, there is a much simpler way to connect your phone.

Say “Alexa pair” where your Echo can hear. The device will respond with “searching.” Go to the BlueTooth menu on your phone and select the Echo device. You can stream your phone’s music and audio over the Alexa Echo. After you’ve connected once, the Alexa Echo will automatically connect the device when told to pair.

The Alexa needs to be set up before this method can be used.

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  1. This really pisses me off that you have to have a smartphone to set it up. Not everyone has, needs or wants one. F Amazon. I’m not going to purchase a smartphone just to set up an Alexa.