What Is The Xbox Series X GPU Equivalent? [ANSWERED!]

For a long time, PC gamers have placed the value of their gaming rigs on a pedestal. Rightly so. 

The ability to customize and increase the capabilities of a desktop gaming PC is unmatched. 

Extra storage slots, RAM expansion, dual GPU slots, and RGB lights are just some of the features PCs have over home consoles. 

With the rise of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, console gamers are seeing support for features that were previously thought to be limited to powerful PCs like ray-tracing. So, how powerful is the Xbox Series X GPU?

What Is The Xbox Series X GPU Equivalent?

The Xbox Series X GPU, when directly comparing architecture and sustained performance, is closest to the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or Ryzen 7300C

There are actually a few different GPUs that the Series X can compare to directly.

This is because the Series X GPU is a custom-made AMD chip designed to play games at 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.

However, that’s only comparing the physical aspect of the devices. 

The Xbox Series X has more than just a powerful GPU with a 12 Teraflop performance. 

It also has specifically encoded drivers that allow the Xbox to more directly use available resources for gaming.

Let’s use The Medium as a performance test. 

The Xbox Series X can play The Medium at 4k resolution at 60 frames per second with ray-tracing enabled. 

That’s a powerful feat. 

To pull off that kind of in-game performance on a PC, you will need to have at least an NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 or Radeon RX 5700 XT. 

In a way, you could say the Xbox Series X GPU is as powerful as an RTX 2080.

Of course, PC gamers still have the advantage of custom mods for nearly every game and VR capabilities. 

With Xbox Series X cards, the days of PC gaming superiority may be numbered.

What Is The Xbox Series S GPU Equivalent To?

What Is The Xbox Series X GPU Equivalent ANSWERED 1 What Is The Xbox Series X GPU Equivalent? [ANSWERED!]

The Series X has so much power that you might expect the Series S to only be a small drop. 

Unfortunately, it’s quite a large difference. 

The Series S GPU is most equivalent to the Nvidia GTX 1060 3 GB dedicated GPU or the AMD Radeon RX 5700.

The difference between the Series S and Series X GPUs is the main selling point for the Series X. 

However, you can get a hold of an Xbox Series S for only $299. 

A pre-built gaming PC with a GTX 1060 3 GB will run between $599 and $799. 

For that kind of money, you could just buy the Series X and experience the best available graphics in home console gaming.

The price-to-performance differences between the Series S, Series X, and PC gaming are intentional.

Microsoft knew that the best way to serve their business and the gaming community was to offer different levels of consistent performance based on price. 

The strategy resulted in a small hierarchy of Microsoft gaming:

  • GamePass (cloud-streaming to Android, iOS, or PC) for $14.99/month
  • Xbox Series S for $299
  • Xbox Series X for $499
  • Gaming PCs for $599 to $3000 and higher

While the Series S may not be as powerful as the Series X, it is still a custom-tailored device for gaming. 

That means you’ll be able to play games at a decent quality just without the 4k resolution, ray-tracing, or 60 fps.

If you’re not much of a hardcore gamer, this might just be the perfect option.

As a side note, Microsoft has spent a great deal of effort and time creating a streaming subscription service for gamers called GamePass.

This subscription allows you to stream games directly from the cloud without downloading a thing. 

If you plan on using GamePass more than Xbox, the Series S is perfect for you. 

Keep the Series S attached to your TV at home and play games on the go with the GamePass Android app.

Is a 2080 TI Better than Xbox Series X?

In terms of raw power, the 2080 TI can be pushed to get more performance in gaming as long as it is paired with other high-level components such as an i7 and an SSD. 

In terms of price-to-power comparison, the Xbox Series X is a lot more bang for your buck.

If you can manage to find one in stock, the Xbox Series X retails at $499. 

Any pre-built PC equipped with a 2080 TI will be a rare find and cost between $1200 and over $3000. 

The 2080 TI GPU alone sells used for $500 and new for around $800. 

What’s more, is that the 2080 TI alone will do you no good. 

You will need a full-blown desktop to use it.

The real answer to the question comes down to how much you want to have the best equipment. 

Even then, you’ll find that PC components have even more powerful GPUs available if you can afford them. 

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, will never be able to be more powerful than it is on purchase. 

This might cause PC gamers to claim that their PC will be useful longer than an Xbox.

However, console generations last somewhere between five and seven years. 

GPU improvements happen much more rapidly. 

That translates to most Xbox players using the same console for half a decade while PC gamers will have upgraded their GPU once, maybe twice in the same time. 

Given the prices of dedicated graphics cards, that’s not a small chunk of change.

If you’re wondering whether you should build a gaming desktop or just buy an Xbox Series X, just think about your game-playing habits.

If you like to keep up with technology and have a burning passion to continually buy new components to upgrade your desktop, then building a gaming desktop is the only true route. 

If you just want to play the newest games at a great quality in your spare time, the Xbox Series X can fulfill your wish and save you money.

Is Xbox Series X or PS5 GPU More Powerful?

The designs used between the custom-created AMD GPUs in the Series X and PlayStation 5 are incredibly similar.

Each console has impeccable performance, 4k gameplay, and ray-tracing. 

In fact, performance-wise the Series X GPU has a higher peak performance of 12 teraflops against the PS5’s 10 teraflops. 

However, the PS5’s GPU speed peaks at 2.23 GHz while the Series X peaks at 1.825 GHz.

These stats equal a very similar performance between consoles.

If you are deciding which console to purchase, it may be better to base the decision on which console your friends play, the controller designs, user interface, exclusive titles, and complimentary services (such as GamePass vs PlayStation Now).

As a gamer who respects all gaming consoles from the Nintendo Switch and Android tablets to full-blown gaming desktops, I would say that as long as you enjoy playing on the console you purchase then it’s the right one. 

The small differences in performance will be hardly noticeable when you’re spamming the dodge/roll button anyway.