Will I Lose My Playlists If I Cancel Apple Music?

It can be difficult to know exactly why a playlist would be lost if you cancel your Apple Music.

However, it is easy to answer this question because of the DRM protection that Apple Music integrates.

This is what prevents a user from having unlimited access to the music while offline and after downloading. 

Will I Lose My Playlists If I Cancel Apple Music?

Whether you cancel or unsubscribe to Apple Music, the access you had to the playlists will be gone. You will also lose all downloaded music that you had been streaming. Apple works hard to protect their music, so they remove all access to it once you stop being an Apple customer.

When your subscription to the music streaming service is terminated, all of the previous music enjoyment will cease regardless of it being downloaded or added yourself from Apple┬┤s catalog of music.

Not only that but when your subscription ends do not get saved automatically to your Apple account. 

After your subscription is renewed, you will need to redownload all of the songs that you had before. 

This music will only be that which is purchased from the virtual music store of iTunes and will remain the property of iTunes.

This will be secured by the Apple account ID, which will make it downloadable. 

However, you need to know the differences between both Apple Music and iTunes. 

First, Apple Music will never be the subscriber┬┤s property. 

The music is rented by the subscriber and then listens to it. 

As soon as the rental subscription ends, so does the listening ability.

If the subscriber renews their subscription and pays their fee, then their music will be restored to normal listening ability.

On the iTunes side of it, an actual purchase is made of the music and thus becomes the property of the purchaser and listening may take place when and where ever they wish.

In order to avoid the loss of your song library, it is important that your monthly fee be made in a timely fashion every month. 

Prior to service being halted, a message will be sent to warn the user of account expiration.

You just make a payment and the services will remain in effect. 

If you desire, your monthly payments can be automatically made through your settings.

This will permit the system to charge your credit card. 

You can then review your statement and find the appropriate payment.

In order to save music, it can only be done through downloads on other devices. 

This may take some time because it will require the removal of the security feature that Apple has set up (DRM).

Once unprotected, the music can be converted to any other music format.

Does Cancelling Apple Music Delete Playlists?

After your subscription is canceled, your entire library of music that you have downloaded will be deleted by the system.

This will include your playlists also. When you decide to come back to Apple Music, the download of the songs will need to be redownloaded to enjoy. 

In order to maintain your songs after canceling you can take the following steps:

Have your Android phone with the Apple Music app downloaded on it and have it open and ready.

  • Sign in as normal
  • Select Manage Membership within settings
  • Now you can cancel the subscription from your iPhone

Can I get my playlist back on Apple Music?

A good way to restore your playlist is by turning the power off and waiting for a minute or two before turning it back on. 

When it is powered up fully, go to your iTunes and sign in. 

Enter the settings option and allow the library for iCloud Music. 

Afterward, you should see your playlist appear again. 

How do you find playlists after Cancelling Apple Music?

If you want to find your playlist following cancellation you just go to iTunes and navigate to the library. 

You will then update the iCloud, which will then make a refresh of your library. 

Once a refresh is completed, you may see your playlist appear again.

Method Used to Restore iCloud Music

In order to have your music restored via your iCloud you need to utilize iTunes and access the purchased items. 

Then sign in if requested. 

You will then select Not This Device and then see all of the music that was previously purchased but not available on the phone. 

You can then choose the music and restore it by pressing the icon for Cloud.

Method to Locate previous Playlists Through Apple Music

If you want to locate previous music playlists, you will just need to select a light icon at the top. 

Click on the iCloud Music Library. 

This will be found under the Library Name. 

After enabling the iCloud Library, the playlists should be within iTunes once you access it again.

Method to Restore Your iTune Music Library

In order to regain your music library for iTunes, you need to perform a backup. 

You need to go to an external drive and choose the iTunes folder. 

You will next select copy and then paste to the area you want the library to be. 

You can then enter iTunes while holding the Shift key.

How To Restore a Playlist Following Renewing of a Subscription

Now that you have another subscription to the music streaming, your newest music selection will be a part of the iCloud library, which can be accessed as well as selected from the catalog. 

You will be able to download to listen offline as long as you maintain your new membership. 

Changing Settings for your Music Streaming

In order to change your settings for your music streaming on your Apple device, you need to do the following:

  • First, enter the settings go to music, and then select the switch icon near the library for iCloud.
  • Tap the switch to turn it green
  • After a couple of minutes, your device will have the library retrieved within the music streaming.

By way of a Mac, take the following steps:

  • Access iTunes and enter the preferences. 
  • Then go to General
  • Next, click the iCloud Library. While there, ensure that iCloud Library and Add Songs are active.

You will now need to give your device some more time to finish a complete load of the music you wish to listen to prior to viewing your app for iTunes. This should reconfigure your settings.

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