Here’s Why You Can’t Find WarZone On The PS5!

Warzone is an action game that provides an exciting experience of soldiers going on missions. So, why can’t you find Warzone on PS5?

warzone ps5 1 Here’s Why You Can’t Find WarZone On The PS5!

Why Can’t I Find WarZone On The PS5?

The main reason some players need help finding Warzone on PS5 is that they are using the store bar to search for it.  If you want to get Warzone, choose the 3 dots to reveal more content on Modern Warfare. Then, choose the Warzone game from a list that will appear and begin the download process.

Warzone is an offline game created and launched by Raven Software and Infinity Ward. The game is a follow-up to Call of Duty 2, which its developers also launched in 2022. 

Despite being a follow-up of Call of Duty, you can play the game independently on PlayStation 4, 5, computers, and some of the Xbox versions. 

Warzone has the same concept as its predecessor because it pits players against one another on a map and they have to find an enemy boss to kill or apprehend and take him back with them.

Typically, the playable area decreases as the game continues and players are removed, taking the other surviving players into smaller areas. Sometimes it may become challenging to download Warzone, especially if you are new to playing the game on PlayStation

Warzone is compatible with PS5 but requires you to download it from its official site.

Finding Warzone On The PS5

warzone ps5 1 1 Here’s Why You Can’t Find WarZone On The PS5!

The likelihood of using the PlayStation 5 Store search bar to get Warzone in your gaming console’s Play Store is minimal. This technique has made many players believe that Warzone is not on PS5. However, since the PS5 is only familiar with Modern Warfare, Warzone will not appear when you search for it using the store bar.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that you find this game in your PS5 Play Store is to go to your gaming console’s home page and then choose the three dots to reveal more content or apps for Modern Warfare games. 

Then, choose Warzone from a list that appears, and you can download the game for this page. Since Warzone 2 is the latest version of the game, you will also require to preload the game if you were using its previous version.

Preloading will involve going to your gaming console’s store and searching for Warzone. Then, choose the download button to start downloading the game. At first, Warzone 2 title needed to be displayed in shops, and in some situations, it had a Modern Warfare logo. Keep in mind that if you had Warfare on your gaming console, you don’t need to do anything because Warzone 2 has already been preloaded.

Why is Warzone not working after Downloading?

Sometimes even after you complete the downloading and installation process, the game might fail to work or launch. 

When it occurs, there may be a problem with your PS5 gaming console, and it would require you to troubleshoot possible technical problems. The following are the main technical problems that can cause Warzone and other games not to work even after you have installed them:

Uninstalled Updates

One of the common technical problems that may make your Warzone game not launch is not installing your PS5 updates. 

Typically, you will be locked out of the game’s online features and accessibility if you try to launch a game while your updates and fixes are still downloading. Therefore, before downloading Warzone to your gaming console, ensure that all the updates have been downloaded and installed.

Games Updates on Maintenance

The game developers may call in for game maintenance to either upgrade, make changes, or fix technical issues in the game. This means the game would only function once the developers communicate that the game is fixed or upgraded. 

Therefore, Warzone may not launch or function if its developers call in for game maintenance. One of the ways you can get maintenance updates or notifications is to join the Warzone and Modern Warfare social media accounts.

Unstable Internet Connection

Downloading Warzone and other high-end games will require a strong and reliable internet connection. If your internet is slow, it may lead to Warzone download interruptions, where you must start the download process often. 

Therefore, if your internet connection is slow, you will need to use other alternatives to improve its speed. 

For instance, if you are using WiFi, changing to a wired connection is advisable. Additionally, when downloading Warzone, stop all the other downloads and uploads because they can interfere with the bandwidth and create downloading problems.

warzone ps5 2 Here’s Why You Can’t Find WarZone On The PS5!

Active use of VPN

Even though VPN plays an essential role in creating matches while playing Warzone, it can also interfere with the server connectivity, thus interfering with the download process. 

Therefore, turn off VPN, and after the download and installation process is complete, you can enable it to help in matchmaking.

Corrupt Game Files

Another reason your gaming console may not download your Warzone game to your gaming console is the presence of corrupt game files. Typically, corrupt game files interfere with the game’s start-up since the new game does not contain any malware.

 Once you try to launch it, the malware may transfer into the game, causing it to have issues when. Therefore, before downloading Warzone from the Play Store, ensure that all your game files are free from malware.

Is it worth Playing Warzone on PS5?

According to Eurogamer, it is worth playing Warzone on PS5 gaming consoles because it offers great visuals and performance. Additionally, it has a higher frame rate when playing the new version of Warzone than other gaming consoles, such as the Xbox. It is quite easy to download and launch Warzone as long as your PS5 is in the right condition and has enough storage space. 

The only drawback that most gamers were concerned about was the inability to create game cheats when a certain level or mission is hard to complete. Overall, if you want to experience good visuals and performance, then it will be advisable to play Warzone on your PS5.

Key Takeaways

  • PS5 has access to Warzone in its Play Store
  • It might be challenging to use the store bar to search for Warzone game
  • Modern Warfare and Warzones have common assets
  • Troubleshoot your gaming console before installing Warzone
  • PS5 provides great visuals and performance when playing Warzone

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