Sonos Speakers vs Apple Homepod Mini: Which is Better?

Have you been looking to up your sound system game? Or maybe you want to make the 21st century switch from wired to wireless. 

Then smart speakers are the way to go. These technological gifts allow you to pair your phone or tablet to your sound system, which you can activate using voice commands. 

Two of the most popular options are Sonos speakers and the Apple Homepod Mini. But which is best? Keep reading to find out!

Is the Apple Homepod Mini better than Sonos Speakers?

The Sonos speakers and the Homepod Mini are both excellent smart speakers, but because the Homepod Mini only supports Siri and Apple HomeKit, it is not as versatile as speakers from Sonos. Although the Sonos is the better of the two, the Homepod Mini has unique advantages if you’re a longtime Apple user.

Apple and Sonos are both well-known technology companies that offer a variety of products. 

Although Apple may be more recognizable, Sonos gives Apple some stiff competition when it comes to multi-room audio equipment. 


Sonos Inc is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. 

Sonos is a tech company best-known for its multi-room audio products that make installing a whole-home sound system a breeze. It started selling products in 2002 as Rincon Audio Inc. before changing its name.

Since Sonos’ main business focus is on smart home audio equipment, its stands to reason the company makes standout products.

Much like the Apple of yesteryear, Sonos found a niche and worked hard to fill it. 


Apple is an American company that sells consumer technology products, including computers, phones, and streaming services.

It started as Apple Computer Company in 1976, then eventually evolved into simply Apple. 

Smart speakers are one of Apple’s newer creations.

Devices such as the Homepod Mini offer great features for a smart home or multi-room sound system.

If you like to listen to music while you work but get frustrated with the quiet speakers built into your computer, a Homepod Mini might be worth considering.

Are Sonos Speakers Better Than the Apple Homepod Mini?

Sonos Speakers vs Apple Homepod Mini Which is Better 1 Sonos Speakers vs Apple Homepod Mini: Which is Better?

Sonos speakers tend to outrank the Homepod Mini in sound quality, connectivity, and integrations. 

You’ll have more flexibility with Sonos speakers and sound that lets your music play at its best. 

The main downside is that Sonos doesn’t offer Siri connectivity.

So although you can pair your Apple devices with your Sonos speakers, you won’t be able to control what’s playing using Siri. 

However, if you’re a Google or Amazon user, Sonos supports both companies’ personal assistants.

Now that you know the verdict, let’s dig into why the Sonos speakers are better than the Homepod Mini.


Whether a design is appealing or not always comes down to personal preference. 

However, there are a few specific things to think about when choosing your speakers. 


The Sonos speakers are sleek, white devices that sit inconspicuously throughout your home. 

However, this speaker has a larger footprint than the Homepod Mini. 

Its dimensions are 6.5 inches tall by 4.6 inches wide, and it weighs just over four pounds. 

It also has a convenient control panel right on the speaker. 

This lets you control the speaker with your voice, wireless device, or manually. 

This makes it easy to control your music from anywhere in the house.

Apple Homepod Mini

Like the Sonos, the Apple Homepod Mini has a control panel built into the device itself.

It takes up less space than the Sonos. 

If space is an issue for you, the Homepod Mini will be a better choice.

The Homepod Mini is 3.3 inches tall, 3.9 inches wide, and 3.9 inches thick. At just 12 ounces, it’s much lighter than the Sonos. 

It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it pretty portable too. 

Sound Quality

Your speakers’ sound quality can and should be a determining factor when it comes to choosing speakers. 

Sonos speakers offer sound quality that’s a bit better than the Homepod Mini. 


The Sonos’ sound quality is superior to Apple’s in several ways. 

Mainly, it offers a subwoofer, which is something you don’t always get with Apple products. 

Sonos speakers are fully customizable with individual tone control. 

However, they don’t play Apple lossless music in high definition. Instead, you’ll get CD-quality music, which is still a great sound.

Apple Homepod Mini

The Homepod Mini’s main drawback is its lack of a subwoofer, which can alter your music’s sound significantly. 

Its size also limits what kind of sound it can play. 

Although the Homepod Mini works well as a virtual assistant, it doesn’t project the same sound quality as Sonos speakers. 

That said, the Homepod Mini has one benefit, which is its Dolby Atmos surround sound. 

This is a new feature as of 2021 and has really upped the Homepod Mini’s sound quality.


Connectivity is also a significant factor when choosing speakers. 

The more connection options you have, the better.


You can connect to your Sonos speakers in a few ways:

  • Pairing with your digital device
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi
  • AirPlay

Sonos speakers support Wifi 802.11 AC and 802.11N, which are pretty standard in home networks.

These speakers have six built-in microphones that allow you to control your speakers with voice commands. 

What’s best about these speakers is that they pick up individual voices. This means the speakers will pick up on your preferences and anyone you live with.

Apple Homepod Mini

Like Sonos, the Homepod Mini supports pairing, AirPlay, and voice commands. It also runs on 802.11N wifi.

However, a few differences cause the Sonos to stand out. 

The Homepod Mini’s four microphones don’t differentiate voices the same way the Sonos speakers do.

It also doesn’t have ethernet connectivity. It’s unlikely you’ll need to jack into an ethernet port, but it’s a great option to have, regardless. 


Integrations are another crucial aspect to consider when picking a new set of speakers. 

Mainly, you want to find smart speakers that are compatible with your favorite streaming services. 


The Sonos speakers are versatile, connecting to most music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

They’re also fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The downside, as far as integrations go, is that you won’t be able to use Siri with Sonos speakers.

The workaround would be controlling the speakers through your iPhone or iPad, but you can’t control the speakers directly. 

If you’re an Applephile who’s fully invested in the Apple ecosystem, speakers that don’t connect with Siri may be a dealbreaker. 

Apple Homepod Mini

The Homepod Mini has one flaw that gives Sonos a leg up

Because Apple is known for not supporting other assistants, it should be no surprise that the Homepod Mini only supports Siri and Apple HomeKit. 

Like Sonos, the Homepod Mini is compatible with multiple music streaming services, including Spotify. 

So, no matter which speaker you choose, you’ll still have access to your music.

Since the Homepod Mini connects using Siri, it’ll fit in seamlessly if you have other Apple devices.

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