Are iPads Cheaper At Costco?

Technology purchases can be incredibly exciting! Nothing beats the enjoyment found in smooth, clear screens and fast, advanced applications that can bring clarity and efficiency into your life. 

However, that purchase can also be the source of a lot of grief and worry financially.

Today we are here to help you learn and gain tools to help you in your search for the best tech out there for you.

Are iPads Cheaper At Costco?

Costco does not have cheaper iPads than other retailers selling similar products. Apple, Best Buy, and other online retailers have cheaper prices saving you anywhere from a hundred dollars up to even one thousand dollars. Costco iPads are currently priced at $319.99-$2,099.99.

To elaborate a little more on deciding where to purchase your iPad, we need to talk about a few important distinctions. 

These distinctions are pricing, the quality of the iPad, and the benefits and disadvantages of buying from an online retailer versus purchasing in-store.


The average price of an iPad varies drastically depending on where you are looking. 

At Costco, the average price for an iPad is around 319.99 to 2,099.99 dollars

This sounds like a great deal at the lower end of the pricing range, but it is deceptive. 

The models offered for $319.99 are for the original Apple iPad, specifically the ninth generation.

Even the smaller and newer iPad mini costs around 600 dollars and the newest iPad costs 2,099.99 dollars!

These prices are much higher than what the name brand asks for! 

With Apple, the new iPad mini costs 499-799 (based on storage and wifi/cellular ability), and the newest iPad Pro costs 1,099 dollars (before storage, size, and wifi/cellular ability are chosen).

This shows a difference of about 1 grand between Costco and Apple. 

Apple would be a much better place to purchase from if the price is your concern.

Some other really good options for buying an iPad include places like Best Buy. 

Best Buy’s iPads are priced around 219.99-1,599.99 dollars. 

Best Buy also offers price matching which could impact the pricing and make Best Buy an appealing option.

Another great choice is Amazon! Amazon has iPads that cost anywhere from 194.89-1,249.00 dollars with varying models and levels of quality 

With some numbers in our back pocket, the next step is to be able to really see what you are getting and if it is worth the purchase.

How do you make sure that your cheap deal is really the steal it claims to be? There are some words and options that are beneficial to know in order to make that decision for yourself.

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As you are going and looking through potential iPads, you will soon see that there is a discrepancy in prices.

The new, modern, and larger iPads can go for thousands of dollars! Some of the smaller and older products can be found to be priced at $194.89-$319.99.

Why is there such a large range in prices?

It’s due to a process called refurbishing or renewed. Refurbishing is when an older unit is taken back, examined, fixed, and resold for a lesser price.

Oftentimes, these devices aren’t damaged but are simply older models that have been returned so the previous client can have the next big thing! It’s like the device is rejuvenated.

This option is a feasible and convenient option, especially with the decrease in price.

However, some things to watch out for are making sure you are getting a refurbished device from a trustworthy source.

Make sure that you can trust that the repairs were done well and that you are getting what you need. 

In-person purchasing can improve your chances of getting what you want, as you can see and use the product before purchasing.


Buying a device new is a great experience! Usually, when you are looking at new devices, they come with additional benefits outside of the original product.

Some of these benefits include customizability.

When buying an iPad new you can…

  • Choose what color you want it to be
  • Choose the screen size you want
  • Choose the level of storage you want
  • Choose whether you want to just have wifi capability or if you want to enable your iPad to have cellular opportunities as well
  • Engrave your iPad for yourself or a special someone
  • Have additional helpful products suggested to you to enhance your experience
  • Add additional warranties like AppleCare+

With these additional perks, you have to remain aware that most of these choices do come with an additional cost attached. 

For example, getting an Apple Pen to go with your iPad mini from Apple costs an additional 129 dollars. 

Besides color and engravings, most of the additional customizations do offer payment plans available to you! This can enable you to have these additional perks for just a few dollars a month.

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Additional Shopping Options

With buying a product like an iPad, it seems like there are only a few places you can go to receive the product you need. 

However, that is simply not true!

There are lots of different places you can look that might have better deals and opportunities than those previously listed. 

Social media specifically opens up a lot of doors for your perusal.

Facebook Marketplace is perfect for looking for reasonable prices in an area near you. 

Most likely you will find that you are working with normal people who are just looking for a little extra cash, which means they could sell for significantly cheaper than big companies will. 

But with those discounts can come some potential risks!

When you buy something from someone else who isn’t associated with a company, you might end up buying a product of lesser quality due to previous usage, a general lack of understanding of the product, or plain dishonesty in the purchasing process. 

The same benefits and risks apply to other websites that don’t have as much traffic and notice as our name-brand tech gurus, like Back Market, Craigslist, and other websites of a similar caliber.

Reviews of websites and the experiences of others with the company/seller really can help you decide if it is worth trying one of these options.

Now that you know the basics behind purchasing an iPad, you can go and find the iPad of your dreams. 

Good luck with your search! 

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