Does Costco Sell iPhones Without A Contract?

When buying an iPhone you are always looking for the best deals and what can benefit you best. 

Buying an iPhone outright without a carrier/provider might be the route you want to go, but does Costco offer that?

Does Costco Sell iPhones Without A Contract?

Costco does not sell iPhones without a contract with a carrier. Costco sells iPhones to customers in-store, and the customer must sign a contract with a cell phone carrier. Costco can sign to Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile. The phone can be added to an existing plan or new plan under a new carrier.

After a call with Costco, they gave some tips on how to get an iPhone outright and avoid signing a contract with a carrier.

How to Buy an iPhone at Costco

To buy an iPhone through Costco, you need to go to one of their warehouses in person. 

They do not sell them online, but they do offer information about the products online so go into Costco with a plan and know what phone you want to get. 

Then you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking at phones, trying to figure out what to get. 

If you don’t know what iPhone you want, the associate can help you figure it out.

The next step is to find an associate in the technology area and tell them what you are looking for. 

They will take the iPhone you have chosen and walk you over to the register so that they can help you buy it.

They will then ask you if you have a carrier provider already. 

Costco can sign phones to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

To buy an iPhone from Costco, you have to sign the phone to one of these providers. 

If you already have a plan with one of the companies, then add the phone to that. 

If not, then you will have to find a plan that works for you and sign a contract with one of these companies.

On the phone call that we had with Costco, the associate explained that if you want to have the phone with no carrier or without one of the listed carriers, you should sign with T-Mobile. 

This is because after 60 days or 2 months of being with them, they can let you out of the contract and you can own the phone outright, without a carrier. 

The associate also said that if you purchase an iPhone from Costo, you can get a great deal with T-Mobile and potentially get a Costco gift card.

When you buy an iPhone through Costco you have to sign with a carrier, but you can also get out of the carrier contract after 2 months if you choose T-Mobile. 

You will also have the chance to get a gift card for Costco, which will definitely be used.

The Costco associate said that T-Mobile has great coverage and is the cheapest out of the providers, so if you like their service then you might want to stick with them, even after the two months are over.

It’s a great deal and the Costco representative said that he would be inclined to go with T-Mobile, especially if the goal was to change carriers as soon as possible.

Is It Cheaper to Buy an iPhone at Costco?

It is not cheaper to buy an iPhone through Costco. 

Apple ensures all of its products are sold at the same price, no matter what store is selling them. 

The prices you see at Best Buy, Apple, and Costco are the same, even if they look different.

If you are looking to buy an iPhone phone without signing a contract with a carrier, then purchase an iPhone from Best Buy or directly from Apple.

You might think that buying an iPhone through Costco is best because you will get a great deal, but that is not necessarily true.

One perk of buying an iPhone through Costco is that you can potentially get a gift card, but otherwise it is not cheaper to purchase an iPhone through Costco.

If you want to get a deal on your iPhone, you need to look out for sales and deals being offered throughout the year and around holidays.

What is the Cheapest Way to Buy an iPhone?

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The cheapest way to buy an iPhone is to wait for Apple to get rid of its inventory to make room for the newest releases. 

They do so at the end of the year, around holidays. 

Sometimes during the year Apple has amazing deals, but they are impossible to predict.

Oftentimes, cell phone carriers have great deals on iPhones, so watch out for the deals that your carrier offers. 

They have deals throughout the year because they are competing for you to pay them monthly. 

Their main concern is not to sell phones, it’s to sell data plans. 

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile want to sell the new phones because it can entice you to sign another phone to your plan.

If you have been with your provider for years, see if there is a deal you can get for being a loyal customer. 

If you want to upgrade your phone, walk in and ask what they can do for you.

Most of the time, your carrier will let you upgrade your phone for an extra fee or a higher monthly payment.

You can also mention the other offers that different companies are offering and ask if they can do something similar for you.

They want to keep you on their service because it is harder to sign new people than it is to keep them. 

Take your time and talk to your provider to see what your monthly plan with look like if changes are made.

The best way to get a deal on an iPhone is to see what deals your carrier can get you or wait for the holidays. 

They can offer you a deal on the iPhone itself and your monthly plan. 

However, they may be limited in what deals they can offer you.

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