What To Do If You Lost Your Apple Pencil Cap?

If you’re still rocking the first-generation Apple Pencil, congratulations. It’s been nearly seven years since it was released. If you bought it on day one, it’s likely to have a lot of wear and tear.

What To Do If You Lost Your Apple Pencil Cap?

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What To Do If You Lost Your Apple Pencil Cap?

If you’ve lost your Apple Pencil cap, you’ll want to get a replacement and keep the Pencil out of harm’s way until you do. The worst damage from wear and tear is done to the cap or the Pencil’s charging slot. 

The Pencil cap is designed to fit snuggly on the end of your iPad’s Pencil to protect the rather delicate charger connection.

Without it, your Pencil is at risk of bending and breaking the adapter. 

This will make the Pencil unable to charge and therefore, non-functioning.

As the Apple Pencil first generation is a bit older, finding a cap replacement is not as easy as it used to be. 

Popular retailers often only carry limited availability for them. Apple Stores are more likely to have some on hand. The fastest way to find one is online.

As with most aging technology, the best way to find support is through online retailers that still sell older tech. 

A quick Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo search will yield some popular options. Some caps are even customized to be flashier than the standard Apple white color. You may find yourself buying a few caps to change up your style.

What To Do If You Lost Your Apple Pencil Cap 1 What To Do If You Lost Your Apple Pencil Cap?

Can An Apple Pencil Work Without A Cap?

The good news is that the cap on your Pencil is only there to protect the charging port. 

Without it, the Pencil will still be able to pair and charge. However, the charging port on these first-generation devices is fragile enough that you will want to keep it somewhere safe.

That means stuffing it into your pocket or a bag is most likely a no-go. A little bit of pressure in just the right way can cause the port to snap right off. Without it, your Pencil won’t be able to charge anymore. 

It is possible to fix, but not easily. The best thing to do is acquire a new cap as quickly as possible.

If you must wait until you keep a new cap, I recommend storing the pencil in safe open places. 

Preferably on a desk or specifically designed holder. 

Traveling with it can lead to situations where bending the port is a serious concern. 

Use a case with a designated pen space if you must do so. 

Make sure it’s not too tight, or you could bend the port when removing the Pencil from the case.

If you truly need an alternative to buying a replacement, I would refrain from packing it anywhere tight or where something may lean on it.

Can You Replace the Top of An Apple Pencil?

As stated above, you can purchase Pencil cap replacements.

They can be found through third-party sellers and even Apple itself.

 The caps are rather inexpensive as well. 

For as little as $5, you can purchase caps with rubber loops to attach to the Pencil so you won’t lose them again. 

As the first generation of the Pencil is the only one to use a cap, any Pencil cap replacement product will do the trick.

They will be made to the same size and shape specifications. 

All you will need to do is slide it back on. If you choose a magnetic cap, you can line it up and it will snap on by itself.

It doesn’t hurt to keep a few replacement caps around just in case.

If you’ve held onto your first-generation Pencil this long, you might as well plan to drag it out a few more years.

Types of Apple Pencil Cap Replacements

As with most other Apple accessories, there isn’t just one aspect to picking out a cap replacement.

Luckily, it’s usually not that complicated either. 

Different cap replacements either try to mimic the original product or offer a new feature to utilize like a magnetic connection or a charger adapter. 

The simplest replacement is to purchase a replacement Apple-branded cap. It will come in the same color and blend in with the original design. 

However, there are a plethora of other options that may suit you better.

A rather popular replacement cap type is Magnetic. 

Magnetic replacement caps hold tighter to your Pencil which helps to prevent from it coming apart at an unwanted time. 

There are also silicone caps that are squishy and soft.

You can get different colored caps or caps made with unique designs. 

There are even caps made with different types of metal.

You can get a cap with a rounded traditional rubber ball surface for those needing a standard touch stylus. 

There are even female-to-female charging adapters built-in to some cap replacements.

Any style will do. The most important aspect is its ability to protect the charging port. 

The rest is up to you. 

I would recommend that no matter which one you chose, ensure it includes a way for the cap to stay attached to the pen when it is off the end.


Do Apple Pencil Caps Do Anything?

The standard Pencil cap is primarily for aesthetic and protection. 

It serves no other purpose. 

However, some third-party replacement caps act as chargers, charging adapters, traditional stylus, or a holding method. 

In some cases, replacements caps are far better in terms of functionality than the standard Apple cap that comes in the box.

Can I Write With the Pencil Cap?

The Pencil cap is not made to be sensed as a Pencil tip.

It’s also not a surface that your iPad will recognize as easily as the Pencil tip or your finger’s touch. 

Some replacement caps come with a wide nib installed for this purpose, but that may be the only way to use the cap end to interact with your iPad. 

As an even cheaper alternative, you may be able to wrap a small piece of cloth to the end of the Pencil cap for the iPad to recognize.

It’s not entirely reliable, but it can work in a pinch. The cloth can loosen after use. 

It may require constant adjustments.

It is a good way to find out if it is worth it for you to purchase a replacement type with a traditional stylus nib.

What Do I Do If I Break My Pencil’s Charging Connector?

That’s the worst kind of damage that can be done to an Pencil. 

If you happened to have purchased AppleCare when you bought your iPad and Pencil together, you may be covered.

If not, you’ll need to spend the extra money out of pocket for a replacement. 

The charging port is critical to the Pencil’s ability to stay charged and update. 

It is difficult to damage while it has the cap on, but it can easily get caught or wedged between things without it.

It is possible to repair this port, but the skills and equipment required are not common household items. 

I would recommend that you just purchase a replacement unless you are a professional.

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